How many pictures will we receive?

Full sessions will receive a minimum of 75 fully edited photos in a downloadable link.

How should we dress for our family session?

I am a big proponent of neutral earthy tones and with added complimentary pops of color. Skip things with bright colors, clashing patterns, and distracting logos. Your outfit should be something that's comfortable, and something that's representative of you. As your photographer I'm here to walk you through finding the perfect outfit(s) for your session. For my visual peeps I also frequently save tips to my "Styling" highlight on Instagram.

When should I plan my session?

Ahhh New England weather. On one hand, we get the beautiful variety of different outfits to wear, greens and flowers in the spring, gorgeous summer beach landscapes, and of course fall foliage! On the other we may get some unseasonable rain or snow, so I do my *best* to plan around these conditions.

Outdoor sessions are typically planned from May to October, most often 1 to 1.5 hours prior to sunset. Availability will vary with the seasons, increasing in demand during late summer & fall.

Alternatively, indoor in-home sessions can be arranged year-round. Typically these are timed in the morning between 9-11 AM.

When should I book my newborn session?

Upon your inquiry I will email you my Newborn guide to help answer your burning questions and keep you organized.

On average I take about 3 newborn clients per month, so I always advise reaching out early in pregnancy to make sure I have your name on the books!

What is your style?

Aesthetically I love showcasing bright, crisp, and colorful images. I will guide you with some light posing directions to make you feel comfortable, but my goal is always to capture you interacting in an real, authentic, and fun way. Rarely will you hear me ask for everyone to look at the camera and smile. Rather, I ask my families to be ready to be playful, engage in a quick (or few) tickle fights, dance, or explore their surroundings.